Self-care: The Ritual of Letting Go

Part 1 “Letting go is not a one time event, it is a habit that requires consistent repetition to become strong.” Yung Pueblo We don’t always realize where we are until we decide to step away. That’s exactly what happened to me last week as I pondered my fatigue and my inability to enjoy prettyContinue reading “Self-care: The Ritual of Letting Go”

I don’t care what you think of me.

Admit it, we’ve all been there. Seeking approval. People-pleasing. Shrinking. Replaying a conversation over and over wishing for a different outcome. It’s not unusual to have regrets about something we’ve said, how we’ve acted, our silence. So much of how we react is rooted in our early training and modeling, the culture in which weContinue reading “I don’t care what you think of me.”

Mental Health Awareness Part 2 Comfort vs. Discomfort

In my last post, I emphasized the three pillars of mental health: nutrition, sleep and movement. Most of us know that even if we discover the perfect formula for these pillars, there is no guarantee that we’re going to feel great. And there will always be a disruption to the routine. The pillars are aboutContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Part 2 Comfort vs. Discomfort”

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Part 1 I realized halfway through the month that May is mental health awareness month. Funny, I’ve been thinking a lot about mental health lately, specifically, my own. And yes, as a therapist, besides engaging in the well-being of others, I spend a lot of my free time contemplating, reading about and listening to podcastsContinue reading “May is Mental Health Awareness Month”

Welcome to the club that no one wants to belong to.

I was talking to my oldest friend from high school last week. Just having a friend from high school is a small miracle to me. To be able to maintain and nurture connection over half a lifetime is a beautiful and remarkable journey. Ramona is that friend, the one that I may not speak toContinue reading “Welcome to the club that no one wants to belong to.”